Future of RE:

Development of substitute for human tissues through tissue engineering

Research on developing products that substitute for human tissues is one of the most realistic ways to reach out to lengthen human’s life span.
Likewise, the development of substitute for human tissues is being extended to various forms of research and development. Especially, development of artificial organ/graft material and many research activities, ranged from research on human cloning and to robotics with bionic technology, are actively conducted. At the same time, it is true that much cost and time are spent for this and a lot of problems of applicability are there.
N-Finders Co., Ltd. most realistically focuses on development of products that are easy to be applied, beginning from the area of easily replaced for human tissues at a reasonable cost.

PDO Scaffold

PDO Scaffold

Tangible results came out through various approaches, experiments and research activities. Now, we have realistically come to the point where we make it possible through clinical trails in many areas where human tissues are substituted.

With steadfast research and experiments, we are trying our best with confidence to introduce the product that allows an extension of human life in the near future.

Examples of PDO Scaffold
  • Teeth

  • Larynx

  • Airway

  • Spine

  • Bone tissue

Stay with N-Finders Co., Ltd. with overflowing love and great interest until the day when we soon grow into “The world’s first regenerative medicine corporation”