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  • FAQ about Thread lifting


    FAQ about Thread lifting


    1. Is it painful?


    You don't need to worry it because we execute cream anesthesia on treatment part and local anesthesia on cog-thread treatment site to reduce pain.


    2. Is daily living possible ?

    The make up is possible just after the treatment. There could be a little bruise and edema with cog shaped thread treatment on newton lifting but is can be hidden with make up.

    After treatment, there could be light feeling of irritation and bruise. You can feel a little pain with touch.


    3. What is any special attention after treatment ?

    Please wash your face softly and avoid heat treatment, like massage or sauna, for more than one month. ( The melting thread lifting is weak with heat.)

    4. When thread lifting is impossible?

    Anyone treated with thread lifting just before less than one month

    Anyone with skin infection, skin inflammation or herpes(virus)

    Anyone with keloidalis skin

    Anyone scheduled to have dental treatment within one month

    People like above mentioned have to meet a doctor for sufficient discussion.

    5. After thread treatment, can I remove it if I don't want it anymore ?
    The thread used for thread lifting will naturally melt and disappear after a period( after 6 months). If you remove it by force, it could make scar. It is better to wait thread's melting.

    6.What is the difference with pre existing lifting treatment?

    The lifting with open surgery was executed before. The disadvantages of this is the unpredictable result and scar. With thread lifting, we can expect natural lifting and skin regeneration without any wound. The Laser face lifting made Tansdermal Intertritial Hifu lifting possible but we found the phenomenon that tightening seemed possible at first but sagging got severer after 1~2 years. Because the goal of PDO is regeneration using creation of continuous growth factor with inflammatory effect , this kind of side effects does not happen.

    7. The character of PDO thread

    After 6 months from insertion, it disappears with hydrolysis and becomes hard and is weak with water.






  • Questions about Ozone therapy Ozein peeling


    Questions about Ozone therapy Ozein peeling


    1. Face becomes red.

    It is a temporary phenomenon of blood flow increase because the amount of oxygen penetration becomes high by activated ozone. From the next day of treatment, it returns normal conditions.


    2. It is itchy or appears like millet.

    It is a stage of healing because waste or fatty substances in pore is expelled by the stimulation in case of pimple skin or oily skin.


    3. It becomes dry.

    It is a stage of regeneration, a period of removing dead skin cells. In average, it will recover within 1~2 days.


    4. Weak responses or no response.

    When there is no inflammation or self awareness is weak on gerderma, you may feel there is no effects. However, the stimulation effects of cells in skin is the same.


    5. Are there any side effects ?

    The primary component of Ozein peel is oil types products with ozone dissolved in extra virgin olive oil. Therefore, any persons with allergy with olive oil or other oil are not recommended to use it.


    6. Is daily living possible after treatment?

    At the day of treatment and the next day, there could be a little glow and edema, but the degree is so slight and there are very few problems of daily living.


    7. When is it possible to wash face?

    We recommend washing face at the next morning of treatment just for effective result of treatment.


    8. Is swimming or other sports possible ?

    You can start light sports from the day of treatment but please do not enjoy sports with much sweat or swimming for one week. ( spicules - maintaining visibility of fresh water surface.)

  • Questions about PRP



    Questions about PRP


    1. Are there any side effects ?


    There are very few allergy or rejection because it is treated after extracting blood platelets from your own blood.


    2. When will the effects begin ?

    Though there could be some variation depending on the parallel treatments, the effects will mostly begin after one week because the regeneration processes during four weeks after one week.


    3. Is PRP effective with caved wrinkles like filler ?

    The single PRP treatment itself is mainly effective with the process of healing the wounds, meaning regeneration, thus parallel treatments with autologous fat, filler or thread lifting is recommended.


    4. Are there any troubles for daily living like edema or erythema ?

    The PRP treatment are usually treated along with laser, MTS, transplant of autologous fat, thread lifting treatment. Therefore, depending on the parallel treatments, the degrees of edema or erythema may be different but the recovery will be faster than other treatments because PRP treatment itself enhances regeneration.


    5. What kinds of skin is the PRP effective with ?

    It is applicable to all kinds of skin of which regeneration decreased and effects remarkably with antiflammation and regeneration of skins having inflamation like pimple or alopecia areata.


  • Acne germs The cause of pimple is acne germs



    Acne germs The cause of pimple is acne germs [ P.acne Propionibacterium acnes ]

    Acne germs causing pimple



    Acne germs

    The scientific name, P.Acne ( Propionibacterium Acne) lives on our skin and eats sebum.

    Acne germs are very common, living on mobile phone, clothes and beds as well as skin and existing in all people as well as your friends with no pimple.

    Acne germs mainly eat sebum but in case of sebum shortage, cut and eat skin.

    Also, they change their forms to protect themselves at the battle with the white blood cells, the policemen of our body.


    Excreta of acne germs

    Free fattyn acid

    Acne germs live in pore, eats sebum and excrete free fattyn acid.

    The free fattyn acid is very irritating substance toe skin.

    Therefore, it made infections at follicle wall or cells around pore. If dead skin cells become thicker and pore is closed by swollen pore as the results, sebum couldn't excrete easily and it makes pimples.

    Furthermore, if the infections spread all over pore, white or black face cloth becomes suppurative pimples and if sebum ductus are damaged by infections, sebum is exposed to the thick skin and infections become worse explosively.


    Process of pimple

    Pore and sebum

    Watch video to understand the process of pimple easily.



  • Pimple and dietary life Story of pimple


    Pimple and dietary life Story of pimple / N Finders Co., Ltd.


    Pimple and dietary life

    Lee, Seungheon Professor of department of the dermatology ,

    Medical College, Yonsei University


    The pimple is one of the most common skin disease. Investigations show 75~95%, varying with each statistics, of adults experienced or are experiencing pimple. In the past, pimple was believed to show in youth but recent studies reported adults, older than 25, suffered from pimple, 40% of male and 54% of female, and even middle aged adults suffered, 3% of male and 12% of female. Recently, I revealed the pimple of adults, especially women, severly damaged their life quality with a study of the effect of pimple on life quality. The theory that pimple may be related with dietary life has been suggested for a long time. One of the suggested basis of this theory is the regions where dietary life was not westernized showed remarkably low level of pimple and after the region was westernized with the dietary life, the pimple increased. However, the researches for basis evaluating this theory are very few. Recently, very noticeable results about correlation between pimple and dietary life were presented. In Kitava located in the Trobriand Islands of Papua New Guinea, southwest of Southern Pacific Ocean, there were no TV and cars until 1990. In 1990, Ph.D Lindeberg of Sweden investigated lesions or scar related with pimple of all inhabitants over 10 years old, 12,000 persons. Surprisingly, any lesions or scar were not found in all inhabitants. If we regard the 300 of invested persons are 15~25 years old, the result are very interesting. The Ache tribe in the land of 20,000between Paraguay and the Parana river lived with hunting and gathering and didn't contact at all with the western civilization until the middle of 1970. After the first contact in the middle of 1970, various social-environmental researches about the Ache tribe have been executed for 20 years. As one of these researches, the first dermatological research of pimple was executed in 1997. After this, continuous examinations were carried out with 6 month intervals and seven doctors examined 8 times for 843 days. The result was no observation of skin lesion of pimple for 115 person invested during the whole investigation period like inhabitants of Kitava. The both tribes had similar dietary life, low level of processed carbohydrate and no use of milk products. However, the fact that generic factors plays significant roles in pimple limited the conclusion that westernized food habit was a single cause. With this, in the USA, there was a recent study for correlation between milk products and pimple with 47,355 women. The result is the woman eating more milk products has more pimples. Nowadays, we assumed various hormones or bio-active substances in food like milk products cause this effects and executed many studies to verify this assumption. However, there is not sufficient basis to conclude milk products effect pimple. Many pimple patients believes certain foods make pimple worse. This certain foods include western foods or milk products, but until today, we don't have research results to prove this clearly. We think more further researches will solve this questions. However, to avoid foods regarded to make pimple worse by oneself is helpful because the psychological stress makes pimple worse.


    Lee, Seungheon (

    [article issued 2005-05-06 14:32]

    Source : CMN

    [Source] [Text Scrap] Pimple and dietary life|Writer lineok45462

  • Ozon Peel Why does it have to be oil ?


    Ozon Peel Why does it have to be oil ?


    The only medium which can preserve the initial state of O3 for long time and control the dissolved volume is Extra Virgin Olive Oil with more than 70% Oleic acid.

    Oz Ozein Prime = ?Extra Virgin Olive Oil + O3(Ozone) = Ozonated Olive Oil

    This has two functions, regeneration and anti-inflammation, and no possibility of tolerance or secondary infections but enhances the immunity level of skin by engaging in immune system. The ozone's best advantage which other existing activators can't do is removing and inhibiting free radicals.

    Rapid effect/result (sterilization, anti-inflammation, regeneration, high level of hyperemtabilism engagement)


    Oz Ozein spicule ?

    The ozonation(dissolved volume) of product is based on the peroxide figure, a global standards. Because it affects considerably the change of ozonation figure during the mixing process with fresh water, this product is ozonated with previous mixing with fresh water and ozonated olive oil and is based on the anti-inflammation effects.