History of N-Finders

“The world’s No.1 Regenerative Medicine Corporation”

/ 03
Attended the 31st KIMES Exhibition
Attended the 13th Aesthetic & Anti-aging medicine World Congress In Monaco
/ 04
Attended the Dubai World Dermatology and Laser Conference & Exhibition
/ 06
Launch of Y-ko (New PDO product developed for Petit Rhinoplasty)
Attended the The 103rd Congress of Japan Society of Aesthetic Surgery
Attended the 23rd world congress of dermatology in Vancouver Canada
/ 07
Attended the 2015 IMCAS Asia in Bali
Pulished SCI paper "Outcomes of Polydioxanone Knotless Thread Lifting for Facial Rejuvenation" (the first SCI paper about PDO thread)
/ 08
Started a new clinical trial with Korea University hospital
/ 01
Conducted animal testing (mouse) using PDO thread with processus (1st)
Launched N-Cog, Derma-Spring (New PDO product developed through clinical trail)
/ 02
Founded the unit in charge of research and development
/ 03
Attended the 30th KIMES Exhibition PRP
Export deals ($ 3 million per year)
/ 05
Acquired its own CE and ISO (polydioxanone)
/ 11
Attended the 46th MEDICA Exhibition in Dusseldorf Germany
/ 12
Launch of Derma-Spring eye (New PDO product developed through clinical trail)
Hosted Cadaver Hands-on Couse
/ 02
Published a book with the world’s first scientific theory upon PDO on the basis of results of animal testing
Kor : “물리적 자극을 이용한 재생의학 녹는실”
Eng : “Skin rejuvenation to make use of absorbable PDO Thread in regenerative medicine”
/ 03
Attended the 29th KIMES exhibition (Exhibition of international medical device, hospital facilities)
/ 06
Held an academic seminar on the result of animal testing of the world’s first PDO
/ 12
Permitted for medical device production and acquired GMP (level 4)
Conducted animal testing (mouse) using PDO thread with processus (1st)
/ 06
Conducted animal testing (mini pig) as the world’s first using PDO polydioxanone
/ 07
Conducted tissue engineering cell experiments using PDO (Wonkwang Univ. tissue engineering lab)
“Characteristic evaluation of cell culture in accordance with the shape of 2D PDO scaffold”
“In-vitro cell proliferation characteristics with respect to the shape, pitch, and diameter of two-dimensional biodegradable PDO monofilaments”
/ 09
Founded N-Finders Co., Ltd.
/ 10
Launched the integrated corporation brand “RE:”
/ 12
Held a grand-scale academic seminar (Announcement on the results of inter-experiment of clinical trail)

Launched PDO polydioxanone for cell regeneration and pioneered the market