Result of Research

N-Finders Co., Ltd. provides with evidence-based medical procedures to get best effectiveness and outcome through various research and clinical trails, not limited to theories only. Just like when having launched RE: Thread making use of PDO, N-Finders Co., Ltd. asks

1. Why it is good and effective
2. How effective it is
3. What kind of way should be applied in order to make it most effective
  By constantly asking these questions and getting ultimate answers, N-Finders Co., Ltd. committed to launch products.


Yonsei Clinical Medicine Research Center
Yonsei Fam’s Clinic Director Yoon, Junghyun
Chungdam Beauty Clinic Director Kim, Sangseob

N-Finders Co., Ltd. published the world’s No.1 collection of research papers based on the results of the above two studies.
This book could come out with great efforts of Yonsei Clinical Medicine Research Center, Director Junghyun Yoon at Yonsei Fam’s Clinic, Director Sangseob Kim at Chungdam Beauty Clinic with whom N-Finders Co., Ltd. has been working and conducting RE: research together, As a result of the research, “RE: Thread” was created and developed into upgraded “N-cog, Derma-Spring”.

Once you decide to be in partnership with N-Finders Co., Ltd., we promise to provide you with a lot of know-how at any time.

Summary of Research Contents
  1. 01

    Announcement of the research results using the world’s first PDO

  2. 02

    Through animal testing, PDO is inserted in the skin of hairless white pig, a species of White Yucatan, which is very similar to human skin tissue and the quantitative examination was conducted for histological changes and status of inner skin layer, subcutaneous fat layer, muscle and growth factor.

  3. 03

    As a result, the formation of collagen and lifting effects by the PDO medical procedure were explicitly identified and assured. For more details, the revolutionary effectiveness was also verified through Lipolvsis Neovascularization, Collage matrix formation.

Message from the doctor who participated in research

In my opinion, I as a doctor have dedicated myself to patient care, but I as a medical scientist insist that medical procedures should be conducted based on scientific evidence. If the evidence for medical procedure is not sufficient to be proved, attempts should be made to discover that evidence, and then we will be able to repeatedly produce same results and make it predictable.

The procedure using PDO was conducted to figure out how many growth factors come out from skin treatment and whether more of them would come out with what kind of procedure and it is believed to be applied not only to cosmetic procedure including V Line, but also infinitely to tissue regeneration, treatment related to engraftment, non-drug pain treatment, new material implants which are harmless to human body through 3D structure of scaffold for the stem cell.

Samples of Research Results
  • Animal testing (Insertion of PDO into inner skin)

    Animal testing (Insertion of PDO into the dermis)

  • Verification of collagen formation that surrounds inserted thread

    Verification of collagen formation around inserted thread

  • Collagen newly formed in skin

    Newly formed collagen in skin