Advanced Platelet Rich Plasma Concentrator

prolo 30

prolo 30
  1. Model No. : PS CAB-ONE 30
  2. Certification Approved by CE, ISO 13485/9001/14001, KFDA, GMP.
  3. Package 10EA / BOX
  4. Validity 2 Years
  5. Volume : 15 ~ 30 cc
Benefits of RE: PROLO 30
  1. Trustworthy

    Approved of CE, ISO, KFDA, GMP

  2. Safe

    Produced in completely sterilized clean room without any chemicals and additives by gamma radiation

  3. Accuracy

    Easy to control concentration of PRP and extract buffy coat very accurately

  4. Popular

    Pioneer of regenerative medicine market in Korea

  5. Approved

    The effectiveness has been proved by every kind of clinical research

How to use PRP
  • Preparation

    RE:Prolo30 kit, Anti-coagulant, Syringe, Weight, Centrifuge

  • Venipuncture

    A. Draw 3cc of anti-coagulant with 30cc syringe before venipuncture
    B. Follow standard venipuncture procedure

  • Injection

    A. Open the sealing-stick and secure the space of lower part before blood injection.

    (Notice : Letting the adjust-handle down to “0” level)

    B. Inject the blood into the kit through the extraction channel after disinfect

    the nozzle with alcohol swap

  • Scale

    A. Weigh blood-filled kit

    B. Put water into counterbalance kit as much as blood-filled kit.

    C. Kit should be set opposite each other as shown in a picture.

  • Separation/Centrifuge

    Centrifugal 3,000rpm / 5min.

  • PRP Preparation

    Close the sealing-stick and raise the

    buffy coat layer up to above the

    extraction channel using the


  • Extraction

    A. Extract 0.1~0.3cc of buffy coat

    B. Draw desirable amount of plasma through the other nozzle

    Mix extract buffy coat and plasma to secure enough amount of PRP

RE: PROLO 30 Various kinds of medical procedures
  1. 01

    Direct Inject PRP

    A procedure which directly injects a large amount of PRP into particular skin part, and regenerates skin by stimulating skin growth and leading cell activation

  2. 02

    Fraxel laser + PRP

    A procedure which stimulates dermis with fraxel laser, spreads or injects PRP, and maximizes the above effects

  3. 03

    Meso roller + PRP

    A procedure which stimulates dermis with mejoroller in which needles are embedded, spreads or injects PRP, and maximizes the above effects

  4. 04

    RF + PRP

    A procedure which increase absorption of PRP with RF, and maximizes skin-lifting effects

  5. 05

    Fat transplantation + PRP

    A procedure which enhances the possibility of engraftment as PRP promotes differentiation of fat cell and maximizes effects of transplantation of fat when adipocyte stem cell and PRP are transplanted together