PRP Platelet-rich plasma

What is PRP? 'platelet-rich plasma'
PRP gives an injection of concentrated platelet to ligaments, cartilage after separating platelet with centrifuge from a blood sample of a patient

prp treatment

Benefits of PRP procedure
  1. No side effects such as infection or allergy compared to other medical procedures
  2. Natural effects last for 6 months ~ one year
  3. Increase of synergy effects when other medical procedures are conducted together at the same time
  4. No negative effect on daily life after procedure
  5. The period of medical procedure is short and simple for about 20 ~ 30 minutes
  6. Simple injection treatment, no surgery like skin incision
prp treatment
1. Cosmetic Treatment
2. Pain Treatment
  1. Shoulder
    1. Rotator cuff tendon, impingement
    2. Ant. & Post. band of IGHL
    3. ACJ, SCJ and C-C ligament
    4. SLAP lesion

  2. Elbow
    1. Lateral epicondylitis (Tennis Elbow)
    2. Medial epicondylitis

  3. Wrist and Hand
    1. Wrist ligaments
    2. TFCC 3. Finger ligament and tendons
  1. Hip
    1. Hip joint : impingement, arthritis
    2. Ligaments of hip 3. Hamstrings

  2. Knee
    1. Cartilage: Arthritis, Chondromalacia patellar
    2. Meniscus
    3. Ligament: MCL, LCL, ACL, PCL
    4. Tendon: Patellar

  3. Ankle & Foot
    1. Ankle ligament
    2. Ankle joint
    3. Plantar Fasciitis
    4. Achilles tendinosis