'Newton Cog'
Isac Newton, who suggested the law of gravity, did not even know.

cog thread

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N-COG Royal was developed from the idea of N-COG that is globally recognized for its safety and effectiveness. It was achieved based on the constant researches done throughout the production. Unlike molding and press thread, N-COG Royal is a handmade product that is exquisitely designed with an unique pattern added onto the basic of N-COG Spiral. It is the royal family of threads that brings the ultimate effect of tissue fixation. Not only does it induce collagen proliferation, skin tightening, whitening, and rejuvenation, it can lift all layers of the skin including: periosteum, SMAS and dermis. The new pattern of the Royal cogs can guarantee an outstanding lifting result despite the friction from all directions. You may now enjoy the surgical effect that is stronger than it's ever been by only MIS (Minimal Invasive Surgery) Non-Surgical Lifting procedure. The procedure may involve a combination of other threads including: N-Scaffold, N-cog Spiral, RE:mono thread and etc.

N-COG Royal Advantages
  1. Stronger lifting effect with spiral cog
  2. Excellent stability qualified by N-cog
  3. Expandability of targeting various tissues
  4. Convenience of inserting multiple threads at once
  5. Improvement of epidermis and lifting of deep and
    superficial layer combining with a variety of the
    company products
cog thread