Stemcell lifting

The advanced face lifting that is most suitable to my physiological condition is at your door!

Adipose tissue derived stem cells meets
RE: Thread to bring back your youth!

stem cell lift

Stem cell. Our human organism is build up on this stem cell and human cloning can be done from stem cell level to produce a new life. You might have pondered upon this stem cell and put your hope on it since it has potential to provide freedom from incurable diseases.

However, did you know that stem cell can be divided in to two cell namely adipose tissue derived stem cell and cord blood derived stem cell? Cord blood derived stem cell is made up of haematopoietic stem cell that produces blood. Mesenchymal cells that cause bone, muscle, cartilage, nervous system, pancreas, fat, liver and other is included in adipose tissue derived stem cell.

‘Lifting which makes use of tissues in my body and naturally fits well with my body’

By extracting adipocyte stem cells including mesenchymal cell from fat in our body through specially designed equipment and inserting it into damaged skin part or wrinkled face with no elasticity, then it stops processed aging and regenerates the skin and tissue which everyone had in youth. This is what we call lifting therapy by injection of adipocyte stem cells.
Yet, there is weak point as it lasts for a long time and is not activated in case adipocyte stem cells are projected out of body, kept in a freezer and eventually re-injected into the body. In order to supplement this weak point, RE: Thread is designed, which means PDO thread is used at the same time during procedure. This enables for injected adipocyte stem cell to activate damaged tissue as a support and for PDO thread to build collagen as expected, so wrinkles are removed and skin recovers elasticity within a very short time.

Furthermore, effects are to be experienced more swiftly and visibly when PRP is also conducted together here. Stem cell + RE: Thread + PRP, these three procedures will jointly work out together and make it as best lifting therapy and stem cell-lifting to look even younger.

‘Stories that can be heard and seen via news and movie are happening here in reality!’

Isn’t it a story that can only be seen in science fictions? Or isn’t it possible only to someone like Bill Gates and rich people in oil-producing countries like Arab? Korean technology on stem cells is even closer to us beyond what you have imagined. Please visit RE: hospital now, and renew your youth at a reasonable price!

Process of stem cell-lifting
  • stem cell lift

    Extraction of adipose tissue in body

  • Injection of fat into HuriCell adipocyte stem cell separator

  • Separation in optimal conditions

  • Separation of blood and adipocyte stem cell and pure fat

  • Process as a form which can be injected in body again by mixing separated fat and stem cell together

  • Transplant separated adipocyte stem cell and fat to lifting part

  • Compose a cultivation supports for lifting and adipocyte stem cell by using RE: Thread COG 4.0

  • Complete with RE: PRP Original and PRP therapy

Main category of stem cell-lifting

1. Plastic surgery through facial wrinkles removal and lifting to look younger
2. Breast plastic surgery through autologous fat injection
(* Please contact N. Finders Inc. for further stem cell-lifting related research and clinical materials. Thank you.)