'The conversion of a mechanical stimulus into
chemical activity'

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What is Mechanotransduction?

Mechanotransduction is a mechanism which brings about changes within a cell itself by constantly providing mechanical stimulus to the cell. The cell has a mechanism that sustains physiological functions by responding to external and mechanical stimulus. Regulation of plasma cells, protein synthesis, growth of cells, and especially operations that overcome pathological disease are called mechanotransduction. When PDO thread is inserted into skin layers, it operates as mechanical stimulus to the cell and finally collagen is produced within skin. Also, circulation of microvessel and cell metabolism increase and then all these activities such as tissue adhesion, anchoring effect, decrease of cellulite, relaxation of muscles and increase of lipolysis lead to skin regeneration. When inserting PDO into skin tissue, the changes of surrounding tissues like elasticity and lifting are observed and growth factor EGF, FGF, TGF-ß, IGF, VEGF are measured as indicators to check out cell signaling after mechanotransduction which has an impact on regeneration and cell activity of skin and subcutaneous tissue. As a result, more than 300 times for EGF, more than 350 times for FGF, more than 400 times for IGF, more than 150 times for TGF-ß, more than 1000 times for VEGF are increased.

Mechanical stimulus within skin tissue
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According to acupuncture study conducted by American neurologist, it is claimed that a chain of response from fibroblast occurred as cell is crushed within extracellular matrix and fibroblast when surrounding tissue is twisted by needle's turn within loose connective tissue layer and finally needle grasp phenomenon occurs instantly during acupuncture. Besides, degeneration of tissue may occur eventually as protein production and cell division are involved via cell signaling route system connected from cell membrane to nucleus.
Likewise, several biochemical operations are conducted within cells for maintaining cellular homeostasis when the shape of the cell is twisted and, with this result, phenomenon that has an impact on gene-expression, cell division, and tissue proliferation is called mechanotransduction. Not only in loose connective tissue layer, but also in other tissues such as muscle, bone, fat, skin, etc. mechanical stimulus affects cell nucleus via cell membrane and pathway with particular enzymes. And this has recently become one of the hottest items on which many researches are conducted among many different medical fields such as orthopedics, oncology, dermatology, bariatrics, etc.

Resource : <Regenerative medicine PDO using mechanical stimulus> Junghyun Yoon, Sangsung Kim, Dae Il Kim, N-Finders Co., Ltd., 2013.

PDO Thread is Mechanotransduction Mechanism
  1. 01

    Neocollagenesis by PDO Foreign material

  2. 02

    Neovascularization : Microcirculation Increase

  3. 03

    Metabolism Increase : Growth Factor Increase

  4. 04

    Tissue adhesion & Anchoring effect around PDO

  5. 05

    Lipolysis Increase & Cellulite Decrease

  6. 06

    Muscle Relaxation

Resource : "Basic Theory of Nonbarbed Absorbable Suture Network
Tightening and Lifting" - By jung hyun yoon