Regenerative PDO Thread RE:

thread lifting

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What is Regenerative PDO Thread RE: ?
thread lifting

RE: Thread is a product made with surgical sutures and medical needles, and is highly effective in regenerating skin tissue and pain treatment merely via medical procedure, not with a surgical way, so it is acknowledged to be a safe product rated KFDA fourth grade.

It is an innovative non-surgical treatment that creates tightening & lifting effects by establishing fibrous bridging network at which collagen fiber is newly made around PDO through Thread & Tissue reaction.

RE: Thread has not only been proved effective by a clinical trial on mini pig, but also expanded its scope of procedure to treatment on pain and obesity.

  • Thread insertion site;
    Cross section (X200)

  • Collagen;
    Masson Trichrome (X200)

  • Merging Effect

  • Fibrous bridging among thread fibrosis, perimysium, dermis

  • reference: animal experiment data by Mini-Pig
    (Reserch by Jung-Hyun Yoon, Sang-Sup Kim, Dae-Il Kim and, 2012.)

Changes made while PDO is biodegraded within cell tissue have been directly observed through long-term observation for a year using Yucatan pig which is most closely similar to human anatomy and all this was attempted for the first in the world. As a result, the causes of wrinkle improvement, skin-lightening effect and skin elasticity have been scientifically proved, and directions of vector for wrinkle improvement and collagen formation process and its shape around PDO that is inserted within tissue can be defined.

Effects of RE: THREAD
  1. 01

    Very natural with no scars left after medical procedure

  2. 02

    Experience completely dramatic changes in a very short time for about 10 minutes with minimal invasive procedure method

  3. 03

    No scar left on face with not even 1mm incision made and no negative effect to daily life as no other recovery needed

  4. 04

    Unlike other lifting procedures, immediate effects can be experienced. And synergy effect is maximized if RE: Thread is used with other procedures jointly.