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What is Y-KO ?

Y-KO stimulates patient's intrinsic healing process in order to re-shape nose. Expected results are lift of nasal ridge, and shrinkage of nasal base with minimized use of filler and other implant object. It is simpler and safer treatment for nose compare to open Rhinoplasty.
Furthermore PDO plate is used as guide of cartilage regrowth preventing 2nd deviation. Studies showed it's a safe, and stable material to implant it to nose.
Inserted thread works as structural fixture which results in different shape compare to filler, and other injectables. Unlike filler, thread does not influence to shape of nose due to disperse, inflammation, immune response and etc.

Y-KO is unique in term of the way it is barbed. To enhance tissue holding strength, two types of pattern are barbed. One is multi directional cogs and the other is uni-directional cogs. Unlike other thread with bi-directional cogs, it does not cause migration of thread which the main reason of complication or side effect. PDO is proven to be safe for use on nose by utilizing plate form.